10 Ways to Inquire SSS Contribution in the Philippines Online and Offline

Great day to Filipinos!!!

Looking on where and how to inquire for your latest SSS contribution table? static member contribution schedule? salary bracket? You’re just in the perfect place as we tip you off on how to do that whether online or offline.

Inquiring about your latest and updated SSS contribution can be an elusive and hard-to-achieve task but with our help articles here, everything will hopefully be a breeze and easy as pie.

sss table 2014

Download SSS Contribution Table 2014

What to Expect On your SSS Contribution Inquiry with Our Website?

  1. We will be issuing and posting the updated, latest and new SSS contribution table yearly as an official new release by the Social Security System publishes it.
  2. Comprehensive step by step process in making your online and offline branch inquiry with complete information from hotline telephone numbers, location address, map guide route tour or GPS apps use on how to get to the branch near your area easily.
  3. Step by step text and SMS inquiry using your mobile phone and how to reach the SSS call center hotline.
  4. Availability of the OFW assistance center branches abroad for migrant and overseas workers looking to make an inquiry on their member static information.
  5. Most complete listing of the different SSS branches in the Philippines and abroad.
  6. Latest loan contribution and updating system tips as well as loan contribution payment and payment terms with branches and e-service centers like banks (BPI / Bancnet and Unionbank online payment gateway.
  7. Member-compensation based contribution at a monthly salary credit rate of 11%.
  8. Employee / employer share for monthly contribution amortization computation.
  9. Contribution due dates for regular employers based from the 10th digit of the 13-digit ER number ending as well as payment deadline.
  10. Contribution due dates for household employers, self employed and voluntary members and hopefully, information for OFW members as well.

SSS Contribution Coverage in the Philippines and Abroad

Know the coverage of your membership contribution with regards to 2 categories – voluntary and compulsory coverage and the different entities and individuals covered by these 2 sub categories.

  • Know how to qualify for the SSS program for voluntary members (separated members / overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) / non-working spouse of regular SSS members)
  • Know how to qualify for the SSS program for (mandatory) compulsory members (employers / employees / self-employed workers / cooperatives)

SSS Contribution Rates for Employer, Employee, Voluntary Paying Members, Household and Self Employed Workers

There are just basically just 2 types of SSS payee for contribution. These are the employee and the employer but in the case of non working and self-employed manpower workforce as well as household workers. While this is a fact, below are the figures involved when trying to know the amount of contribution that a member must pay. The standards for payment due dates may be seen in the chart / table below for reference to all paying and qualified members.

Monthly contributions of members are based on their compensation. The current SSS contribution rate is 11% of the monthly salary credit not exceeding P16,000. This payment amount is being shared by the employer (7.37%) and the employee (3.63%).

Self-employed and voluntary members pay the 11% of the monthly salary credit (MSC) based on the monthly earnings declared at the time of registration.

For OFWs, the minimum monthly salary credit is pegged at P5,000.

Non-working spouse contribution will be based on 50% of the working spouse’s last posted monthly salary credit but in no case shall it be lower than P1,000.

emploer contribution table

Employer Contribution Payment Guide

paying member sss contribution rate

Employee Voluntary Member and Self Employed Payment Guide

Please note that in the above table guide for payment deadlines, OFW members are not included.

Loan Payment Contribution Due Dates

For qualified SSS member loans, monthly payment should be made in accordance with the prescribed schedule of payment which is according to the 10th digit of the SS ID/Number.

What About Benefits and Monthly Payment Contribution?

How to avail of your SSS member benefits and how to pay for the monthly amortization payment for some of these benefits like the SSS salary loan. This includes shedding light to ECC (Employees Compensation Commission) which includes coverage and who is entitled to avail of the package benefits under the Social Security System and Employees’ Compensation (EC) program in any event of maternity, sickness, retirement age and funeral or death of a qualified member, corresponding amount of benefit and qualifying conditions.

SSS Downloadable Forms and Brochures

List of the different SSS forms and brochures of information that you can use for your contribution knowhow whether you are a voluntary member, kasambahay, pensioner, beneficiary, OFW or (new) soon to be member applicant.

Calamity and Underground Mine Workers Issues

Your monthly amortization contribution is very important whichever industry or job you are in.

Yes! Even those who are self-employed and voluntary paying capable members. We will also be giving you tips and information regarding calamity benefits. As we may all very well know, the Philippines is a center for all sorts of calamities especially years typhoons as more than 20 of them visit us.

How About Registration?

Haven’t registered yet for your employee or even just as a regular member to pay for their SSS contribution?

You can do that online now and avoid the long line of registration at any nearby branch. This saves you precious time and effort as you can do that online now. Here is where we will tip you off with how and where to do that through the official SSS website registration. You have 3 categories to choose from and they are listed as follows below:

  1. Member Registration
  2. Employer Registration
  3. Household Registration

Welcome to SSSContribution.Com and Mabuhay!

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156 Responses to 10 Ways to Inquire SSS Contribution in the Philippines Online and Offline

  1. Bernardita Catedrilla Gonzales says:

    Dear Sir/Madam
    I try to login to check my sss contribution online but i cannot login, Please can u give me a direct Website which can i login easily? Thank u and good day to all..

    • NICANOR A. CALUMBA says:

      can’t access my contributions

    • tan, aniceto says:

      last time i use your website i could easily open and see my contribution, now it gives me hard time to locate why? this is my account i want to see nothing else. Please guide me how could i see because i had my money and i want to pay my contribution. thank you

  2. Natividad Mina -Manguba says:

    My sister Ma. Corazon Galope – Mina filled her Retirement claim at SSS Mandaluyong Branch last October 23, 2014 with SSS# 0351366121 and may I know when her claim will be released
    Thank you for your usual consideration

  3. Jerson P. Carillosa says:

    paano po ba mg inquiry ng cotribution ng sss ?

  4. Jeneffer comia says:

    Inquire ko ln po yun sss contribution co

  5. supreniano b. untayao jr. says:

    sss contribution summmary an company who pay contribution

  6. maymae villacruz bangolan says:

    i need to know my sss contribution

  7. Michelle M. Alonzo says:

    Hi po.. Good day! I would like to know my static info about my contributions and when is my last employer posted it. Hoping for your response po thank you! More power:)

  8. Doneza Mae D. Crisimo says:

    i want to inquire my sss remittance if my company sending my acount # 07-2583154 thank you..

  9. Doneza Mae D. Crisimo says:

    my sss # 072583154 i want to inquire my remetance

  10. Jhoana Jimenez Atienza says:

    dear sir, i am mrs jhoana jimenez atienza OFW in alhasa k.s.a,
    i would like to inquire my sss monthly contribution payment, from jan. feb. and march 2015 pls. i would like to know how to see my monthly contribution? thanks and god bless…

  11. loreto salazar says:

    i want know my Actual Premiums and Total Amount of Contributions….pls sent it my email or my facebook tahnk you….

  12. ritchelle says:

    inquiry about sss contribution

  13. nelson D. Cabana says:

    Dear Mam/ Sir,

    I would like to know my monthly contribution since January 2014 up to March 2015, further, couldn’t log in, I worked as OFW

  14. richelle montemayor says:

    how much is the contribution for a voluntary?

  15. Jose A.Del Castillo says:

    sss contribution inquiry

  16. lourdes tolentino says:

    inquire the total contribution

    • Deborah Manuel-Domingo says:

      Good day po! Just want to know if Jan 2014- Sept 2014 contributions were posted.So I can request for a certification as proof of payments from my employer at your office.Thank you

  17. jesus mangila tanglao says:

    show my sss contribution

  18. Guela oculam labadan says:

    How to inquire my contribution


    Good Day!

    Maam pwede ko po bang malaman yung status ng sss contribution ko at ask ko lang din po kung magkano ang babayaran ko this august kasi want ko din i finalized yung payment ko tnx.

    Thank You!


      May we request copy of the total contributions made by Silvestre H. Dacanay since the start he has been paying as voluntary paying member… We have stopped paying since 2015 due to financial constraint. Is there a need for us to continue paying the premiums since he has not yet reached age 60. Thank you

  20. Rhobylyn Arrojo Dimatatav says:

    Ask ko long poh sana yong sss contribution ko.thank you more power

  21. Ask ko long poh sana yong sss contribution ko.thank you more power

  22. Fermin Erwin Cidro says:

    Maam, paano b mkita ang sss contribution kng ngbyad ng mnthly ang company k

  23. mark p. austria says:

    hi..good afternoon sir and madam, i just want to inquire my sss contribution for the past 2 years..thank you and god bless us..

  24. Reynaldo P. Malibago says:

    1981 pa ako naghuhulog sa SSS, 9000 ang loan balance ko, tapos magfafile na ako ng retirement ko, hindi pa raw ako qualified sabi sa SSS-AURA kasi mas malaki ang utang ko kay sa hulog ko. Paano po nangyari yon mam/sir ?

    • Reynaldo P. Malibago says:

      Tumanda na lang ako sa kahuhulog sa SSS tapos hindi pa ako qualified mag-pension? Bakit po mam/sir, 1981 pa ako naghuhulog hanggang ngayong 2015, mas malaki pa ang utang ko kay sa hulog ko? Bakit po nagkaganon mga mam at sir? Sana maawa naman kayo sa matanda ng katulad ko.

  25. salik penduma says:

    gd pm poh sir/maam puwde poh ba ko mag inquire puwde ako mag loan sa SSS atsaka magkano ang makuha ko sa loan kapag loan ako

  26. Thelma Repulda Hijada says:

    I want to enquire my payment

  27. eunice S. laurente says:

    good ev,maam/sir pwede ko ba malaman kung ilang bwan na nahulogan yong sss ko at kong pwede na ba ako maka loan?

  28. clarissa says:

    good day po
    paano ko po ba malalaman ngaun ang status ng contribution ko

  29. julius daniel v. fernandez says:

    Show my contribution list

  30. ruperto dusaran says:

    I well inquir m sss contributions

    Print out

  31. Eulogio P. Francisco III says:

    pls.how can i view my contibution

  32. Eulogio P. Francisco III says:

    panu malaman yung sss contribution ko

  33. Concordia T. Tempra says:

    Dear Sir/ Mdm, ask ko lang po kung pano ko po ma check online ang monthly contribution ko. thanks..

  34. Lornalyn R. Marcelo says:

    mam, pwede po akong makahingi ng copy ng aking SSS CONTRIBUTION yung updated upto dec 2015, thanks po. Hope i will have a feedback thanks

  35. resly pagbilao says:

    Hello po! I would like to know my static info about my contributions and when is my last employer posted it. Hoping for your response po thank you! More power:)
    My sss# 3418449616

  36. Monsito C. Cabaya says:

    Good day! pwede po ba malaman kung how many months na yung total contribution ko up to the present. Thank you!!!

  37. glaiza says:

    mam pwede ko po ba mlaman ung contribution ng tta ko kc gusto nya malaman kung pwede n cya mgptuloy sa contribution nya

  38. ruth ocampo mendoza says:

    Pno po mag online pra mlman ko kung may hulog na ang sss ko.

  39. ruth ocampo mendoza says:

    Inquire ko lang po yung contribution ko

  40. Rolen F.Carlos says:

    gud day po sir mam,nawala po ang wallet ko s sinasakyan kobg bus papasok sa trabhosk kasama po s nawala ang aking SSScard,ano po ang dapat kong gawin para gmkakuha nang panibagong card,pasensya n po..tnx & god bless.

  41. Rolando Talaugon Teves says:

    Good day,
    Pls send to my to my email add.regarding the status of my sss contribution

    Thank you.

  42. Norberto P.Pasquin says:

    I am an SSS member since 1974 up to 1988 I am already 62 years old and I am still working in Saudi Arabia. I want to know my total contribution and also how much has been deducted from my contribution due to my unpaid loan during calamity

  43. Rosemarie Cordova says:

    pls. send me my print out of my sss contribution

  44. Meann magpatoc says:

    I wanted to know my sss contribution.

  45. Julita Zuniga Bello says:

    I want to see my contribution to my sss.because every year i always paying.

  46. manuel f. samson says:

    Pkisent po sa akin ang monthly salary credit kung nka ilang taon na po nka hulog..with #332866490-5,manuel f. Samson po.


    ask ko lang po, ang status ng sss contribution ko? magkano na po?

  48. mark bautista mila says:

    Good day
    My name is mark from dubai po saan kpo pwde makita ung contribition
    ko? kaka start ko lang po ulit maghulog gusto ko lang po malaman kung saan kpo pwde makita.thank you and godbless.

  49. asia says:

    I want to inquire online about my sss contribution. Thank you for helping me.

  50. asia orolfo says:

    I inquire for my sss contribution. Thank you!

  51. Richard R. Losadio says:

    Need for my sss contribution. Tnx…. And God bless….

  52. albino b. magudang jr says:

    show my sss contribution

  53. albino b. magudang jr says:

    good day po ask q lang kung pwede na ako magloan i’m albino b. magudang jr sss number 0120077036 pls reply thanks

  54. mike carnoso says:

    Inquire ko sa contribution.

  55. Emily Testimio Dayo says:

    Maam gusto ko pong malaman sss contribution

  56. Edgar R Caja says:

    Confirm ko lng po qng updated aq ng bayad start jan. 2016

  57. Edgar R Caja says:

    Confirm ko lang po qng may hulog ung sss q start on jan. 2016

  58. modesto cunado jr says:

    paano mag inquire ng sss contribution from August 2012 to Dec. 2015. Heres my sss no. 33-3121225-0

  59. normita liwanagan says:

    magandang araw po! gusto ko lng po macheck kung nahulogan po yung sss ko?

  60. melchor dioso santillan says:

    Kaian po ang huling hulog ng sss ko at ilang months na.

  61. Vicente L. Lejarde says:

    Good day,mam/sir
    inquire ko lang kung ilang months na ang aking nai hulog.tnx.

  62. Rodney R. Ganot says:

    Paano ko po ba malaman yong contribution ko maam online

  63. Good day po.. pwd ko po bng malaman ung sss contribution ko? Tnx po

  64. junmar propogo ludovice says:

    God day po. Pwd ko po bng malamn ang contribution q? Tnx po.

  65. Lovella Parcon Du says:

    pwedi ko bang malaman if pwedi na akong magloan?

  66. Lovella Parcon Du says:

    mam pwedi po bang malaman if pwedi na akong makapagloan?

  67. HELEN G. GAVADAN says:

    Good day sir

    I just want to know my sss contributions and the balance of my loan as of this month so i can settle it. Kindly send it to my email address. Thank you

  68. Genelyn Dada says:

    inquire about sss contribution..

  69. aimie lentejas says:

    bkt nd ko makita ang sss bacoor city cavite sa site nyo

  70. Regina Quito Castro says:

    kindly email me my sss contribution or how to check my sss contribution online thank you

  71. Peter Paul Domael says:

    Dear mam/ sir, I would like to know my whole contribution, how could i inquire for it? Thank u so much

  72. Arcangel Aboga Arguelles Jr says:

    I would like to confirm my sss contribution if
    My 3 years contribution is paid or ok? Thanks
    Name is Arcangel Aboga Arguelles Jr


    may i know my contribution and loan balance

  74. tan, aniceto says:

    am surfing just to find where i could see my complete details of payment since im a member through online, just let me know how?

    • tan, aniceto says:

      i lost my receipt and i was not able to remember what months do exactly I pay. That’s why i use the SSS website just to note when was my last payment for calendar 2016.

  75. annaliza sunga says:

    how to inquire my contribution

  76. Grace Jagonase says:

    Maam good day pwede po sana malaman kon magkano na ang loan ko .kasi almost 3yearst n apo hindi nabayaran.

  77. PRECILA M. DIZON says:

    I am having a hard time in getting my SSS loan eligibility, Static Info & SSS Contributions. I hope you could be able to help me on these or please kindly send it on my email address. Thanks in advance.

  78. benedick dela cruz jose says:

    gud,pm po sir/mam. pwede ko po bang malaman ang contribution ko po at kung pwede na po ba akong maka pag loan…ss#33-5938616-8 p0 salamat po..

  79. TIMTOTEO L. LEUS says:

    Dear Madam,
    Good day.

    I would like to know what status of my contribution and how much I already paid.

    Many Thanks

  80. maam ask ko lang po kung ilan months na ang contribution ko …at puwedi po ba ako mag apply ng loan?

  81. GOOD DAY!

    Dear Sir / Ma’am,

    I would like to know the status of my contribution and ask for a print-out of it.
    This is my SSS#-03-6582872-3. I’m looking forward for your prompt action.

    Respectfully yours,

    Lilian B. Publico

  82. ELSA V. ROMERO says:


  83. jellyvie bombita says:

    good day..
    gusto ko lng po ipa verify ung status ng sss cntribution ku..

    thank you


    Have 3 comments as follows:
    1) I could not register on line being a member as required in the field as per your requirement.
    2) Specifically, i just want to know the status of my SSS contributions, and for your reference to my last payment is May 2016.
    3) Could i possibly have an e-copy of my complete contributions?
    Thank you for your kind consideration..

  85. mamerto gusarem says:

    there is no accurate instruction on inquiry about sss individual contribution,ang sabi ng sss kukuha nalang sa internet ng print-out! bakit wala at hindi makikita? ang dami na ng message dito sa site na ito pero walang action para sa kanila. sss why?

  86. Nemesia A. Maraon says:

    please give me a complete web site n order to know my contribution. thanks

  87. Maam, good morning. paano ko ba, makikita yung sss.contribution ko.online? kasi gusto ko nang mag loan….

  88. kasi po, more or less 3 years na po. ako member ng sss, at gusto ko lng malaman lahat ng contribution ko ba, kung pumasok sa sss.?

  89. june says:

    sabi nyo sa itaas…..10 Ways to Inquire SSS Contribution in the Philippines Online and Offline. ey wala naman po kaming makitang OPTION TO INQUIRE puro po etoy information patungkol sa SSS. nasaan po ang option to Inquire our Contribution kung saan pwedi naming print. hay naku

  90. Nenita Belmes Ariota says:

    Pls. I want to inquire if how many months I’ve been contributed.
    And can I continue my Sss contributions.
    Thank you for your kind attention
    Nenita ARIOTA

  91. Ruel Besmonte Saludaga says:

    i just wanna ask if how much my contribution is.

  92. Dario Templado says:

    How can i access/verify my monthly contribution.

  93. mark laido arellano says:

    pano ko makikita ang sss contribution ko

  94. mark anthony emiliano says:

    Inquire ko lng po kong active p po yung sss.# ko? 33-966577-4.huling inquire ko po 3 years nko d nkakahulog.salamat po..

  95. Erwin H.Berindes says:

    Pwede po bang malaman kung ilang buwan na ang contribution ko sa sss ? Para magaply nang laon.tnx

  96. Ronalyn says:

    Hi. Gusto ko lang po malaman if pwede na mag loan pag naka 2 years na? Ty..

  97. rena puno magaro says:

    Pano po mag inquire ng ssscontribution qo?

  98. Marissa D. Velasco says:

    Tanong ko po ung kailan po ako mag-La-last na magbayad ng sss loan.hindi ko po kasi matandaan.ang alam ko nagloan ako pero binawas don sa loan ang 2months na hindi pa nai-posting ng sss no ko CRN-0002-1959696-5.

  99. LEOTESA C.LIBICA says:

    i want to inquire if how much my salary loan gain

  100. adam murphy says:

    Excellent writing ! Apropos , if someone is requiring a Philippine R-5 , my company filled out and faxed a fillable document here https://goo.gl/TPCQXq.

  101. jayson says:

    Paano po malalaman kong nahuhulugan sss ko?

  102. andales dave ponce says:

    please show me my sss contributions.

  103. andales dave ponce says:

    please send me my print out of contribution please

  104. Rondel says:


    do you have a new contribution calculator?

  105. mary ann cresostomo decano says:

    Good day im mary ann cresostomo decano ask k lang po kung ilang hulog na merun sa sss ko? At kung updated ung dati kong agency thank u po

  106. Danilo Basconcillo says:

    I forgot my password. How can i recover it?

  107. Carmelita Bitangga Cortes says:

    I want to know my SSS contribution can I have a soft copy of it and sent it to my email address carmelitabitangga@yahoo.com also my husbands contribution with my SSS # 0618228407 and my husbands SSS # 0621557107 Albert Canon P. Cortes.Hoping for your king attention.Thank you very much.

  108. Sophia Pundan Yuson says:

    How many contribution do i have and the last payment? Details please. Thankyou!

  109. marisa sanchez says:

    good afternoon,maari po ba malaman magkanu na contribution ko sa sss,at maari din po ba mag apply para sa sss id,even if di pa aq naka contribute a year ago thank you,

  110. Morales, Elena Ganados says:

    How to inquire SSS contribution

  111. maguid pigcaulan abing says:

    I just want to verify my contributions tanx..

  112. Lizette DC Cardenas says:

    May I request for my SSS voluntary contribution. My SSS # is 04-0349526-7. Thank you.

  113. erwin rommel rodriguez tolosa says:

    paano ko po malalaman kung nakailan buwan na po nakahulog pwede po malaman.

  114. Gertrudes Patacsil Marcelo says:

    good day!
    Please show me my sss contributions because i am going to pay this March.
    thank you very much

  115. Jayson M. Latagan says:

    hi maan Good pm,
    Maam, good morning. paano ko ba, makikita yung sss.contribution ko.online? kasi gusto ko po malaman thanks po

  116. rene o. nerio says:

    update my contribution since 2000

  117. jun-jun p empleo says:

    I want yo know how many years I’m in sss member

  118. ken ken garing says:

    good am maam/sir pwdi ko bang malamn if magkano n ung putstanding payment koh thanks

  119. jonathan lagradilla e.musa trading says:

    how to pay a sigle bussiness contribution for employer or employee

  120. jo says:

    Panu po e compute ang penalty nd po ako nakabayad ng 7 years

  121. jo says:

    7years po ako nd nakabayad bkit the same po ang penalty sa principal?

  122. cindy candy casubuan says:

    Goodevening po,.gusto ko po malaman ang sss contribution ko po kung mamakapagloan po ulit ako ng second loan,.thank you po,.

  123. LOURDES B. PULA says:


    Gusto ko pong magloan, 69 payments na po ako as of March ,2017. Magkano po ang pwede kung maloan.


  124. Zaldy Angel Ignacio says:

    Good day!
    Please send me copy of my contribution with indicated employers’ contribution



  126. Bernard L. Posas says:

    Please, May i know my SSS total contribution. thanks

  127. ELVIE B. BENOCILLA says:

    Good day!
    I just want to know, how much is my loan balance? I was stop to paymy account because only me has a loan in our office, then thats only the amount will be remitted to butuan city..I plan to online my payment via gprs..

  128. Rogelio Moico Noora says:

    san website po ba makikita ang sss contribution naming mga pilipino??????
    kailangan ba english ang inquiries na gagamitin namin para mapansin o propaganda lang ang lahat ng ito for the benefits of this institution… maawa naman po kayo sa amin ang hirap nyo po mahingan ng tulong regarding sa aming contribution……

  129. jerico necesito says:

    Hi maam sir good day po need ko po sana malaman f magkano pa balance ko sa sss.para makapag second loan na po ako f wala na.

  130. salvador says:

    ang hirap nman mag log in sa contribution of sss….

    • salvador says:

      paanu ba kasi makita yung contribution ditu,,,,, puro 10 ways to view nmn nagppkita wala nmn option kng saan makita yung contribution

  131. ana rose poseran says:

    gusto ko po itanong kung itong sss # 3367134069 ko hanggang ngayon ay pwede pang magamit kasi po di ko na po ito nagamit mula ng ako ay kumuha salamt

  132. Marvin F. Dequina says:

    pls be comfirm me my comtribution on sss for inquire only,for been to loan on sss,pls attach the contribution complete.

  133. Mariel anne auxtero says:

    Pls. I want to inquire if how many months I’ve been contributed.
    And can I continue my Sss contributions.
    Thank you for your kind attention

  134. Rogelio B. Espinosa says:

    Please let me know if my monthly contribution dated August 2016 up to April 2017
    has been remitted by my employer EASTGATE MARITIME CORPORATION.
    And please let me know also my total number of contributions since i started.

  135. cherry ann banitog says:

    view my sss contribution

  136. Richard Janulgue Quirol says:

    Pls. I want to inquire if how many months i’ve been contributed. And my loan how much my monthly payment. Thank you and your kind attention.
    Richard J. Quirol

  137. Rowena M. Disu says:

    Mam good day! gusto ko pong malaman ko kung updated po yong monthly contribution
    at kung pwede npo akong magsalary loan.

    Rowena M. Disu

  138. apple joy remorin says:

    ask ko lang po kung pwd po ba ipagpatuloy ni papa ang sss niya?last payment niya po eh nung 2007 pa.di na po nmin naipagpatuloy sa kadahilanang naparalyzed po xa at knulang po kmi sa financial.maaari po ba nming malaman kung ilang taon pa ang ipupuno nmin sa kulang nia at kung mgkano na po ang contribution niya?ano po bang dapat nmin gawin?ito po ang acct # nia 0909-658-359.

  139. JOSELITO C. DANLAG says:

    mam,sir ako po joselito c.danlag ito yong SSS. NUMBER ko 33-3377415-2 god pm paano ko ba makikita yung SSS.contribution ko online kasi gusto ko nang mag loan pero may conting balance pako babayaran matagal hinde ko nabayaran yong balance ko kaya bayaran ko ngayon yong balances para maka loan ako baka meron pa yong amisty or condonation po na magamit ko para hinde malaki yong bayaran ko ito cell no.09397451370 and 09952948206.salamat po…

  140. JOSELITO C. DANLAG says:

    gusto ko mag loan…

  141. Cara Jojie BAhande says:

    sir/mam, May i know my SSS total contribution. thanks

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